Business Services

Did you know that workplace stress costs $190 billion annually in U.S. healthcare costs? Are your small business or corporate employees overly stressed and in need of a morale boost? Something New Employee Engagement Training provides your staff with the tools they need in order to evolve and intentionally grow, rather than remain stuck in a passionless routine.

  • Boost productivity
  • Create balance and well-being
  • Give your employees something to look forward to!

Event Services

Each month, events are planned that will provide clients with ventures that are potentially new for them. We'll meet at the location(s) that pique your interest and engage in a unique experience. If you are ready for a new adventure within a small group rather than going it alone, this service option may best meet your needs.

Speaking Services

Words are a motivational tool and a driving force. I use them as a bridge to impact, educate, and empower my audience. I use speaking, simulations, and collaborative events to keep my audience engaged and actively participating in their experience.

Let's grow exponentially by planning strategically. Schedule a speaking engagement, today!

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Our Purpose

We merge responsibility with passion through education!

Lifelong learning has many benefits including:

  1. Promoting happiness
  2. Reducing stress, depression, memory loss, and the onset of Alzheimer's disease.
  3. Potentially increasing one's pay by at least $445,000 over the course of their career span. (Harvard Business Review, 2017)
  4. Putting a dent in U.S. healthcare costs, which total $190 billion, due to workplace stress. (Forbes- Stanford University research, 2015)

Why Me?

I have decades of experience living this dream! I'm passionate about changing lives and my clients know it!

What Makes "Something New LLC" unique?

My competitive advantage includes:

  • Years of creating new experiences and reaping the benefits of them, firsthand.
  • Personalized team building & employee engagement packages.  We're here to meet your needs!
  • Individual and/or group experiences.
  • Providing ongoing growth experiences.



Next Steps...

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