A Work in Progress

My new website was launched last month. For the sake of time, I thought about hiring someone to do the job. Then I realized that by the time I provided them with the information needed to fill the pages, I should put my web design skills to work. I sat down one weekend and worked on my site for a couple hours at a time. I shared it with my Build Institute – Build Social teacher, my SBA coach, and a couple other key individuals who have been mentoring me through this process. They all gave me a thumbs up!

Publishing the website is one step in this process. There is always a next step. Many of which are “something new” to complete. I am looking for ideas from potential and repeat clients about their current or childhood dreams. What new goals or adventures are you ready to accomplish?

One of my services is the Dreams Do Come True program.

Do you have a childhood or other dream that hasn’t come true, yet? This specialized service will support your next steps in bringing your dream to fruition. Like many others, you may be focused on taking care of everyone but yourself. You deserve the opportunity to set a goal and fulfill it. I’m here to help you make that a reality. Get your Bucket List ready! Let’s identify your next best step and build a bridge from where you are to where you want to be. Be a part of our Something New “Dream Crew”!

After launching an interest survey this spring, I found that most people are ready to:

  • Write and publish their first book, and
  • Complete a flight lesson. I’ve done both! I’m excited to take you through these and other goals step-by-step.

Feel free to add your interests to my Quick Survey.

My first book signing event
Moments after my Discovery Flight!

You’re next!

Let’s work together and get your dreams fulfilled! Let’s talk about this soon!



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