Our Story

When I was in high school, more than ready to graduate my father told me that learning never ends. He stated, "As long as you are alive, you should always be learning Something New."

This idea has become my passion! I've since created a goal to do something new, at least several times each month.  It's now a life practice! You're invited to join me in this life-long learning journey.


Our Mission

Something New LLC provides lifelong learning experiences and opportunities that move our clients forward. We provide the bridge to move you from a stagnant routine to your highest quality life.  We reconnect our clients with their dreams and create new ones.

We utilize research-based practices to help our clients build the life they want to wake up to, increase their earning potential, reduce stress, improve memory, and potentially delay the symptoms of Alzheimer's.  We challenge you to create an ongoing space for growth and adventure.


Meet the Founder

Lisa Lipscomb has been a certified teacher for 20+ years, she earned National Board Certification, is an instructional designer, a web designer, member of SEMIS Coalition, Executive board member of We GP 501c4, an author, speaker, poet, adventurist, and advocate of lifelong learning.

Lisa was selected to serve as a U.S. Delegate in the US Taiwan Eco-Campus Partnership Program (Summer 2016) and incorporates place-based learning practices within her instructional objectives. She was also a speaker at the March for Public Education -Detroit on July 22, 2017, thus speaking in the community she teaches in.

Lisa is the author of Somewhere in the Middle of Love, and contributing writer in the anthologies- In Celebration of Mothers, and The Book of Hope.

Lisa graduated from the University of Michigan- Dearborn, Marygrove College, and Utah State University. Her studies included elementary and middle school education, adult education, best teaching practices, and instructional technology & learning sciences. She also completed the Lifeline Business Consulting, “Jump Start Your Business to Success" course. Additionally, she is a graduate of the Build Institute, Build Social entrepreneurship program.

Lisa Lipscomb

Founder & CEO

Lisa Lipscomb launched Something New LLC in June 2017. Her mission is to address the need for lifelong learning in order to help her clients improve their quality of life, wellness, and earning potential.

Coming soon- Meet My Team!

Next Steps...

Contact us for a menu of services or to answer any questions you have. We're looking forward to working with you!