Lifelong Learning Never Ends
Let’s Talk: A Discovery Call is our opportunity to identify your next personal steps to build your goal reaching strategy and lifelong learning adventures that are calling your name! Leave the mundane behind and let’s build a bridge to your ideal life! Clients will be given a personalized plan based on our conversation and the next steps needed to complete it. The $50.00 Discovery Call fee will be be applied to any consulting or event service you choose, once we’ve completed the call.

Individual Consulting Sessions
Let’s set your goals! This is a 30 – 60 minute consulting session which answers your questions and includes all necessary tools and resources to get your plans in motion. Clients can choose to have a single, weekly or monthly sessions. Customized packages are also available. Local clients can schedule in-person meetings. The cost for a one-hour session is $125.00.

Business Packages
Employee Engagement and Team Building: This starts with a Discovery Call and required fee in order to receive recommended research-based services. The Discovery Call fee will then be applied to speaking, training, or event fees. Businesses may opt to purchase event packages for their employees. The cost for events depends on the services sought and includes a menu of options dependent upon employer/employee interests. This may range from an outdoor ropes course, to a off the beaten path dining option and anything in between. Theme: Something New

One example of a package people request is a “Team Outing” which includes completing an interest survey and 2-3 options for a planned employee outing. Another option would be “Team Building, a Motivational “Something New” Talk and Employee Engagement Simulations in order to build trust and increase work quality & productivity among your employees.

Please inquire about a pricing menu.