I Am a Writer Writing – September Blogging Challenge

At the beginning of each “new” month, I consider what I’ve accomplished in the 30 days prior. Next, I consider whatever goals I’m still working on and what my next steps are to complete them. Then, I start thinking about what holidays and/or observances are coming up. What will I be celebrating?

I’ve been looking at H-Daily to keep track of daily holidays. Some I pay attention to more than others, but it’s interesting to know what I might want to honor. On September 1st, I scanned through the list and as far as writing themes go, it’s National Update Your Resume Month & Be Kind to Writer’s and Editor’s Month .

Sylvia Hubbard, founder of the Motown Writer’s Network created a Blogging Challenge for the month of September. I’m choosing to be kind to writer’s. The challenge is to write four blog posts. That’s pretty simple. There are two topics listed for each week. So, this challenge will be one of my new things to complete this month. In case you didn’t know, my business is Something New LLC. My mission is to be a lifelong learner and encourage & inspire others to do the same. Let’s get started with a Blogging Challenge!

Topic 1: The first thing I remember writing

The first thing I remember writing by choice is poetry. My Mom always read bedtime stories to my brother and I. I looked forward to hearing her read anything by Dr. Seuss. I loved the sound of poetry and I still do.

I wrote poems inside cards for baby showers and many other occasions. I loved to write in celebration of life.

I remember an elementary school teacher bringing in a copy of Where the Sidewalk Ends, by the late Shel Silverstein. She read poems aloud to my class each day. The poems and the illustrations were like magic; I was hooked. I wrote Where the Sidewalk Ends at the top of my Christmas list that year and my parents bought it. I read the poems, repeatedly. As a result, my love for poetry grew!

I love to read and write equally. I always dreamt of being an author, so much so, I published a 72 page book 10 years ago! Somewhere in the Middle of Love. I can’t believe it’s been a decade. In fact, it’s time to change the cover and release a 10-year edition!  My genre for that text was poetry, of course!

My opening poem:

With New Eyes

Dear Lord, sometimes I hide in a sleeping disguise
But today I pray to see with new eyes
New eyes to see the sun at dawn
New eyes as I stretch and stand and yawn
New eyes as I step out of bed, thanking You for the day which lies ahead
New Eyes as my eyes meet and greet Your children, passersby on the street

May the contact we make, include a smile, felt deep within ~connected by spirit
Our intent being to heal and mend
Let the meeting of our eyes and the feelings deep within add a light to the world, a flicker growing glow

May that light show us a path, get our energies to flow~ higher and lighter~ releasing~ and renewed
And the actions that follow be of good intent, reflecting more of You
And as my eyes see and my heart feels and my intentions turn toward You~
Please help me remember, embrace hope and surrender the burdens
that would make me feel blue

And as I wake with new vision and vigor, may the words I speak and the response they trigger be of love and light, that wakes us all and puts into flight…A dream world with a peaceful landscape, where babies and children and adults can escape…from the one with old eyes and closed eyes and dark hearts and destructive parts, led by ego and I could go on and on
But I can also stay focused on goodness, I know this

May we remain open to the changes needed within
May we be open, may we be free, may we spread peace and harmony
May there be space for joy and laughter, springboard for a cycle
which produces the desire to think again, and feel again,
and see with new eyes our world again

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You can order a signed copy of the 76 page book of poetry from me. Lisa@somethingnewseries.com

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,