January – Mandala Class, But Not Before…


This weekend included rest after a long work week. Rest as in coming home Friday afternoon and grabbing my pajamas shortly after walking in the door. Rest as in setting my phone timer for a 30 minute nap on the couch, after leaving my shoes at the door. As in realizing sunlight was streaming in the living room windows and despite knowing the limited number of hours we get in winter, closing my eyes anyway.

Sometimes rest is needed before we can do anything else.

After my 30 minute nap, I reset the timer on my phone several times. I needed the sleep. My body sank into the couch and appreciated it. After a couple hours of serial napping, I decided to actually go to bed. Fortunately, there was nothing stopping me from recharging and for that I am grateful. This is one a perk of being an empty nester.

I woke up the next morning refreshed. There was another day full of sunshine and mild temperatures. Rarely do we experience 50 degree weather in January. That’s unusual, but welcome for the Midwest. At least I welcome it. I was ready to begin again. I reviewed my priorities and dove into the day, refreshed and ready.

Sometimes pausing in one’s steps is the something new that is needed.

Crafting and Cocktails – When Class is in Session

Signing up for a Crafting and Cocktails: Mandala Madness class made sense. Crafts and cocktails?! That’s a double yes for me.

  1. Learning to draw images similar to the ones I’ve been coloring after work… 2) Giving myself time to be creative and explore… 3) Being in a space with others who had the same intention. Three checks equal a definite and easy “yes”.  Besides, coloring in mandalas is an easy way to unwind.

I own several adult coloring books. They are full of mandalas and other ink inspired treasures. According to colorit.com some of the benefits of coloring (even as an adult) include:

  1. Lowering stress and anxiety levels
  2. Making room for positive thoughts
  3. Being present and creating vs. consuming

Last Saturday evening, after a two-hour session at the She Hive led by a patient instructor, I walked away with a new skill set. Below are the images I drew and will soon color.

This experience is a continuation of my 50 Before 50 Challenge! What new adventures are on your bucket list? I’m always looking for inspiration! Feel free to share them in the comments below!

Until next time,