“Something New” Lunch and Learn Event

I’m excited to announce that I planned and hosted a “Lunch and Learn” event, launching Something New LLC services!

It was a well attended, highly enjoyable experience. After hearing about the controversial documentary What the Health, I learned many Something New community members were considering a lifestyle change. There was an increasing interest in becoming a vegetarian and/or vegan. As a result, I planned my launch event at Living Zen Organics.

The beauty of this location is that it included a freshly prepared vegan lunch along with a tour of a Zen Community Garden, and the center which housed the café and (bulk food) shop. We were also able to tour their meditation space and see their green roof. The weather was also on our side with a balmy 75 degrees.

Our host was quite accommodating and guests for the event were friendly and flexible. There was dialogue, fellowship, and a great experience shared among those in attendance. Our two hour timespan passed quickly and there was a swag bag for everyone in attendance. Pink Elephant Products supplied my attendees with samples of their healthy living products. Thank you!

What struck me most was that a group of more than a dozen people met and socialized as though they were long time friends. My intention is to create a space where like-minded people can come together and form a community of life-long learners. There were a variety of guests with a plethora of expertise. I heard a lot of information being shared during the course of our afternoon together. I would like to share one of the many positive comments from guests below…

“Met a few new friends today that felt more like meeting extended family. Great experience! Thank you, Lisa.” Norma P. (Luncheon guest)

I am in the process of planning many more events in the coming days. There will also be training events scheduled to share the MANY benefits of doing Something New on a regular basis. Stay tuned for updates!

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