Let Procrastination “Fall” Away – Make Time to Write… a Book, a Blog, or Whatever You Desire

I read a HuffPost article that stated 80% of Americans would like to become an author. That goal was once on my Bucket List, too. I published my first book 10 years ago. It contains my poetry, images, and a few key quotes. I can’t believe a decade has passed already!

I’ve continued to write and have been published in two anthologies. I’ve also ‘started’ writing other books.

Since launching Something New LLC this fall, I have another goal. Writing a new book that highlights the many benefits of learning Something New is in order. I’ve actually started it, twice…

I work full-time, developing my business kicks in when I leave my day job. I juggle time with family, friends, training for various races, exploring, and creating an ideal future, while attempting to live in the moment.

I could use a few more hours each day or a clone.

Unfortunately, dreams don’t come with additional hours. So what works?

Accountability is key. It was my motivation when I published my first book.

I joined an accountability team last Sunday. Together, we are setting individual goals to complete by the end of November. So I’m scheduling time to write, then meeting up with my group to share, listen, and continue plugging away.

It is the Season to Let Procrastination Fall Away 

Tomorrow, November 1st is actually National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) as well as National Blog Posting Month. Using an established platform to set and complete your writing goals has many benefits. Signing up for one or both may be your next best step. Plant yourself within a community or writers, they’ll help keep you watered.

There are 60 days left in 2017.

You can spend 31 of them (November 2017) working on your writing goals! If being an author is in your future, make it a priority now!

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