Something New - Business Services

Did you know that workplace stress costs $190 billion annually in U.S. healthcare costs? Are your small business or corporate employees overly stressed and in need of a morale boost? Employee Engagement and Team Building Training provides your staff with the tools they need in order to evolve and intentionally grow, rather than remain stuck in a passionless routine. This program benefit identifies 3 types of employees, proactively sets your employees on a path that supports their well being, boosts work productivity, and reduces both healthcare costs & inefficiency in the work environment.


Something New - Event Services

A variety of events are planned that will provide clients with ventures off the beaten path. Let's meet at the location(s) that pique your interest and engage in unique experiencesWe're creating a community of people who are READY to reshape their routine.


Something New - Speaking Services

Lisa is highly experienced teacher, professional speaker and lifelong learning consultant. Lisa's commitment, zest, and expertise impacts both individuals and organizations to identify and reach their highest-priority goals.

Creating a blueprint for your strategic goals is the beginning of this process. Empowerment and action are the keys that drive us home. Speaking and simulation experiences are applied to obtain maximum results.


Did You Know?

Lifelong learning is a key to success. I will show you how to use that key to open new doors and build a bridge from where you are to where you want to be.

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