Summer Bucket List – Part 1

Imagine living out a #bucketlist dream!

First, it requires a plan- then a commitment to see it through!

In January of 2018, I stated a goal to complete a transcontinental train ride to California. After all, I enjoy a great scenic route. Why not relax and let someone else be responsible for transporting me there?!

I boarded a double-decker train and started my journey in July 2018. This had to be the most fulfilling 2.5 day journey held in memory. I was greeted by fellow travelers. Some were en route to California, others stopped along the way. There were individuals and families, diverse cultures, and generations. This was ideal for someone committed to lifelong learning!

Doing #somethingnew is my passion and I will share more of this bucket list trip in my next post! Isn’t it time to build a plan for your own goals and bucket list? If this is exciting you, sign up (bring a friend/loved one) for my upcoming workshop scheduled for Friday, August 17, 2018 (7-8:30 p.m.): Sail Away Summer, Flow Into Fall at the SheHive in Ferndale, MI. #befulfilled

I can also bring this experience to your group! Contact me for details ! I’d love to present this opportunity to your group!

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