The Countdown!

Global Running Day scavenger hunt! #RunningGroup #SomethingNew
Global Running Day

There are 7 days left in June. What’s on your #SomethingNew list? Completing even 1 goal is beneficial!

It’s my business to keep a rolling list of something new that I’ve done. Here are a few new goals that I’ve completed. Remember, I offer business services to help you/and or or your team do the same.

1) Writing/Author
I outlined and started writing my newest book. This one will reveal the “benefits” of doing something new. Did you know it can improve your health and earning potential? My book will tell you HOW, stay tuned…

2) On Global Running Day, I participated in a scavenger hunt at RUNdetroit with a team of friends. We had a blast while exercising and discovering a few new places in Detroit.

3) I attended an orientation at The She Hive and participated in a Female Entrepreneurs Mastermind session the same week. It was powerful!

What would you like to complete before June 30th? Share it here. I’d love to hear what you’re working on.

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