What Do You Want to Be Known for?

Two weeks ago I sat with a Female Entrepreneur Mastermind group when Ursula Adams, founder of The She Hive, asked the entrepreneurs in the colorful, well lit space, “What do you want to be known for?” This question was based on the writing of Seth Godin. Part of our homework was to come up with an answer to that question.

I knew what other people would say if I asked, because I hear it all the time…


I am known for always being on an adventure. I have no issue with that. I love hiking boots more than high heels. Is that what my business is about? Well, the answer to that is Yes and No. My goals include helping my clients evolve, increase their earning potential, and decrease stress in their lives. One way of doing that is being excited about going on a new (to them) adventure. It is exciting! Some people love an adrenalin rush!

Some prefer a quiet knowing. I engage in both types of activities. I am the person who can be found walking around taking pictures instead of completing a worksheet. I like movement, especially when outdoors. I also enjoy using those images to write poetry. This defines two of my favorite quiet activities. I even published a book of poems and images I’ve taken.


I want to be known for inspiring others to learn, for as long as they are alive. Love, live, learn, breathe, eat, sleep. Something along those lines. And by live, I mean fully experience the magic of the opportunities, choices, and challenges we face… and grow from them. Rethinking how you move about in life can make a difference. If you want to experience progress, change is necessary. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say “I’ve always done things this way…” That’s nice, do you wish to remain the same, always? Isn’t there something that could be better? Even one little thing? Personally, I had to realize I can get more work done in a quiet, non-distracting place. Which is why I enjoy visiting libraries.


When I was a child, my parents took my brother and I to the library, regularly. It offered us 1) access to more books than we had money and space for at home 2) we saw free movies 3) it was a quiet break, for all of us and 4) it exposed us to worlds beyond our walls, state, and sent our imaginations soaring. When I was in middle school, oftentimes, my brother and I waited for our parents to pick us up from the library across the street from our school. We had the chance to get our homework done, then read. I fell in love with books. Loving to read means you’re positioning yourself to learn. Something New LLC, exists to accompany you on an upward spiral, to the life of your dreams. Let’s make that a reality, together!

Special note- According to the American Library Association, there are approximately 119,487 in North America today. It is also interesting to know that OCLC.org publishes statistics and information about libraries, globally. Keep reading!