“You’ve Been Warned”

My youngest granddaughter was on the brink of turning a year old. She is my only granddaughter that lives out of state. I only see her a few times a year in person. FaceTime helps me see and hear her, but I really wanted to go. Stone Mountain, Georgia is scenic. In my opinion, they also have better weather. There are longer spells of warm air, and it cradles my middle son’s family. I had to go.

Except, I didn’t want to drive for 10 hours. Nor did I plan to spend an exorbitant amount of money on airfare. I have to keep a balanced budget. So, with all the hope of a good kid on Christmas morning… I started to search for my gift, a reasonably priced flight. This go round, it was hard to find gift prices on Delta and Southwest. They are usually my first pick for a flight to the peach state.

Spirit was listed first in my flight search. They offered a few non-stop flights. I love non-stop flights. They take me directly where I want to go. The flights I saw were at least $75 cheaper (“cheaper” that wonderful word that could be replaced with less expensive) than all the other offers on the page. I stopped to think. I’d been warned about flying with Spirit airlines. I was told, 1) I could only carry on one bag which would be about the size of a backpack, 2) that I’d be cramped into a seat with little space. 3) I also heard I wouldn’t be able to recline my seat and that other airlines had better service… 4) There would be no coffee of snacks included in the price of the ticket.

I could pay $75 more and be more “comfy and cozy”, but I just wanted to get there. So I found a late flight going and an early flight to return on. After almost clicking Book Now at least 3 times, I took the plunge the 4th time I reconsidered my options. There were no fabulously priced seats on the airlines I’d flown before.

Lisa Lipscomb, the Queen of Something New decided to try Spirit airlines for the first time. I sat beside my daughter. Our take off was seamless. I fell asleep quickly afterwards. It was only an hour and a half flight. I woke to the sound of a stewardess announcing that someone would win free flying miles. That was followed by a seat number being announced and a guy going up to get his certificate. Next, there was yoga… I was still waking up but yeah, I heard that right. I saw arms stretching up to the sky (ha!) but not mine. There were passengers doing seated side bends. The final direction was a bend down to pick up any trash that you might have dropped. The flow rhymed, but I can’t remember it. There were chuckles throughout the plane. Enough for me to wake up and smile before we descended.

Our landing was smooth. The service was fine. It was true that there were no free beverages, but I didn’t really need them on such a short flight.

We arrived on time. We exited the plane. We survived and were picked up by my son and grandson late on a Friday night. We were warmly received, ate, slept cozily, enjoying our stay and most importantly, the birthday party. There was more than enough cake, toys, and celebrating with family.

Would I ride Spirit airlines again? It’s likely.

I must tell you… I read their TripAdvisor reviews after my return flight home. The results varied. The feedback spanned from excellent to terrible. I have no complaints. I had been warned about their differences enough to accept what they were.

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6 thoughts on ““You’ve Been Warned””

  1. I love it Lisa, your business is helping me to find my true self again, I find myself being adventurous like when I was a kid, now I’m not working so much because it’s always something new to discover. Thanks

    1. I hear you, Gary! I’m finding my true self again as well. Discovery is the idea here. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. I love that you are able to make air travel an adventure. Your sentiments are exactly how I felt after traveling JetBlue recently. If you have not checked them out I suggest taking a peek. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to your next “New Something” ❤️

    1. Something New is my life theme!! I love testing new waters or in this case, airlines. I won’t hesitate to checkout Jet Blue. Thanks for the tip, Lysa!

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