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Did you know that workplace stress costs $190 billion annually in U.S. healthcare costs? Are your small business or corporate employees overly stressed, underperforming, and in need of a morale boost?

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  • Employee Engagement
  • Team Building

Event Services

Join a community of people who enjoy venturing out and enjoying new experiences. From restaurants to bucket list worthy "play," you'll learn something new & have a great time!

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  • Designing a unique experience for your group

Speaking Services

Words are a motivational tool and driving force. I use them as a bridge to impact, educate, empower my audience, keep them engaged, and actively participating in their experience.

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  • How my signature talk connects with your audience, or tailoring one for you

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It's time to get off the hamster wheel and fly.

Life is more than repeating the same routine, day in and day out. Let me show you the benefits of doing something new.

Imagine being given the opportunity to create a bucket list that will be fulfilled, growing beyond your current position with compensation, being fulfilled & ready to wake up and get moving on any given day, including Monday!

Since 1993

Since 1993

Engaging in lifelong learning practices offers those and many other benefits. I work collaboratively with you. Together we'll create research-based solutions that resonate and are meaningful.  It's my job to promote your personal and professional growth.

Let's start now!

Since 1993


" A brilliant idea. Life long learning has been shown to extend quality and quantity of life. Something new is all about this! Highly recommended."
-Quintin K.

"...The entire "Something New" experience was simply delightful, peaceful, and enlightening! Thanks Lisa!!! Your guiding light made it that way!!!"

-Todd P.

"Thank you I had such a nice experience at Zen Organics. Enjoyed the food and the people. Great networking opportunity. The experience was definitely something new, looking forward to the next event,"

-Nan'Chang  S.

"Went to the first Something New event last weekend and it was delightful! Great food, even better company and we got to see a part of our city that we'd not visited in years. I'll look forward to the next adventure."

-Lori V.

"I attended the class as a "refresher" after attending the Spring event. Just to remind myself to take better care of myself 😉 Lisa added information and so I did not just get a refresher but even more information to stay on track with my self care program. Lisa's class is informative, fun, and inspiring. The handout is not just a good summary but includes additional resources. I loved the class."

-Martina R.

"Lisa did a great job at reminding us why self-care is a priority. I especially liked the handout that walked us through specific ways that we can think about redefining how we look at goals."

-Christina C.



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