do something new book cover

Excited is an understatement! Do Something New launched to an Amazon Best Seller and held it’s position for over a week! It’s still selling because it’s vital to create a life YOU love! Time is ticking and we have choices to make, now! Who is this book written for and why?

  • Professionals, parents, and mid-lifers are looking for something new to revive their life
  • In 7 Steps, you can change your days from mundane to magnificent!
  • Adventure, lifelong learning, and self-care can be personalized to fit your lifestyle
  • YOUR journey should be led by your PASSION & one size does not fit all!

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What are people saying about the book?

I’ve heard from attorneys, teachers, therapists, parents, and more!

This has been such a great read! I have been reinvigorated digging into this wonderful book! I would encourage others to add this to your tool box – a great way to jumpstart your motivation or add “something new” to find more joy in your life!!

-Carly P.

Given the state of the world it’s more important now than before to focus on your peace and joy! This book gives you that opportunity! Take the next step by ordering your life changing copy. You won’t regret it!

-Rhonda M.

Page 29 is “for me” and when did you get permission to get inside my head? So far, very good!

-Lianoska A.

Hey Lisa, my clients will get a copy of your book!

-Lori G.