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  • Employee Engagement
  • Workshop Facilitator

Is your staff stressed, missing work, or disengaged?

We use research-based strategies that provide growth, engagement, and team building exercises that will boost productivity!

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  • Speaking events
  • Lifelong Learning Consultant

Lisa is a highly experienced facilitator, speaker, and lifelong learning consultant. Her commitment, zest, and expertise impacts both individuals and organizations to identify and reach their highest-priority goals.


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  • Something New Blueprint
  • Personalized Plans

Let us prepare a Something New Blueprint that suits your style. Whether your preferred ventures are up inn the air or safe and sound on the ground, we will meet your unique needs & help you discover what piques your interest!

My Clients

* Corporations & Organizations interested in employee engagement and team building
* Individuals interested in leaving the hamster wheel and "living fully" now
* Professionals who aspire to both "do and be" at home and work
* Parents that need balance, including time allocated to put their desires on the front burner
* Those who still have unfulfilled hopes and dreams & know NOW is the time!

Do you know?
Lifelong learning is a key to success.

Let's build a bridge from where you are, to where you desire to be!

I can help you, just as I have helped others fulfill their goals and identify their passion. Email us with your inquiries. lisa@somethingnewseries.com

Keynote Speaker at the Community-Up CRA Conference (Photo credit, Juan C. Perez)

Next Steps...

Contact me to schedule employee engagement, team building, or speaking services for your business or organization!