As We End Month 2 of 12 – It’s Time to Get Unstuck

How Many Times Do You “Hit” Repeat?

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Have you ever listened to someone vent about an ongoing problem? Sometimes, it’s about an issue that has been around for YEARS and with defining detail they can tell you the story, like it happened yesterday. The issue can come with a list of reasons of “why it needs to change”.

Sometimes the problem sounds like:

“So and so needs to change, because I don’t like when they _________.” (are different from me)

“I need a new job, because I no longer want to deal with ________.” (poor wages, working conditions or, not living my purpose)

“I want a new life. I now longer want to live in _____.” (name any city, state, or country)

“If I hit the lottery, I’d disappear because of _________.” (any of the above scenarios)

We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. -Albert Einstein

If you’re the one reliving a Groundhog Day experience… or know the person who is, it gets frustrating.

If You Believe…

  • I don’t really like change or
  • I prefer routine so I’ll know exactly what’s coming next, because
  • It gives me more control.

Not changing or wanting change may be the root of the problem. When you aren’t open to seeing things differently or refuse to see it from another perspective, you’re stuck. If you continue to dig your heels in, over time you’ll sink. If it’s been a problem “forever”, shift.

Do something new, change one thing to see a different outcome.

If you need support seek a mentor, professional, or expert.

There are plenty of people who would love to share what they know so that you can get unstuck. Sometimes what we can’t or won’t hear from family or friends is more acceptable from the lips of a stranger. Isn’t that odd?

Rather than going through the issue again, why not grow through it? 

Do Something New book cover I finished the draft of “Do Something New – 7 Steps to Recharting Your Path & Creating a Life You Love” after experiencing extraordinary days repeatedly. Life can be challenging. In fact, my teenage years were tumultuous at times. I wrote about some of the events that changed the course of my life, forever.

I have learned, along with many of my clients and workshop participants that with the right intention, plan, and guidance you can switch paths. This guide will show you how to tap into your PASSION to start the process.

This book is in the hands of my editor now! It’ll be published soon!

I started with an idea last spring, so it’s almost been a year. I restructured the content three times before I heard the word, “perfectionist” from two different people. I finally decided to finish the draft and hand it over. Now, under the guidance of my editor next steps will be determined. Life is like that sometimes. We have to do our part, then seek guidance from a higher source. If you’d like to stay posted on when the book is ready, join my VIP List today.

What can you do to change paths if the one you’re on isn’t working? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comment section below.

Until next time,

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