Winter Wrap Up

We have the first 3 months of 2019 under our belt. Spring officially began, yet last night it snowed in Michigan. In fact, it’s cold enough for that snow to still be on the ground. Last week was notably warmer than this. If you are a native Michigander, none of this is a surprise! Today, I chose to laugh about it. The shovel is stored in the garage, but my boots are still accessible.

In addition to being a lover of lifelong learning and CEO of Something New LLC, I facilitate the Badass Ladies Supper Club at the SheHive in Ferndale, Michigan. Last night, I hosted an event at another local business, MKG- Detroit Martial Arts and Kickboxing. This business is co-owned by husband and wife team, Amariah and Kurt Cornwell. Coincidentally, they met because of a mutual interest in martial arts. #LoveandMartialArts

Our 90 minute class was dynamic! Kurt C. teaches the history of the martial arts he’s demonstrating. He models the moves with his wife and together along with a loyal student, they conducted a memorable class.

One tell tale sign of a successful gathering, is to witness laughter and smiling during a challenging exercise. This happened continuously at our meet up!

The class was taught at a beginner level and adjustments were made for those who were ready and capable of taking the moves up a notch. Each new exercise was engaging and insightful.

At the beginning of class Kurt C. addressed our reasons for being there. His talk was framed around each participants “why”. Why did each one of us attend the class? For some, it was a desire for self-defense tactics, or fitness, or moving beyond the treadmill. Whatever the reason, he and Amariah delivered a class suitable to meet the needs of each one of us.

Kurt also talked about health problems that are a byproduct of stress. On some level, many of us can relate to that. At the end of the day, we need ways to alleviate the stress that weaves into the fabric of our lives. Kickboxing and martial arts are definitely one way to help relieve it.

On April 27th, I will be teaching a workshop at The SheHive in Ferndale, Michigan that delves into how we can take better care of ourselves, titled Spring Into Self Care . Participants will receive my inaugural deck of 18 Self-Care Cards that are life changing! Using them will shift your days into hours that you’ll look forward to. They’re easy to apply to a busy (or not so busy) schedule. You will also be among community of people who are ready, willing, and choosing to change & neutralize their stress levels. It’s your turn! Come alone or bring a friend and join the SheHive and Something New – Lifelong Learning Communities! I hope to see you there!

How to you relieve stress? Please share your ideas in the comments below. You never know who it may help!

Until next time…

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2 thoughts on “Winter Wrap Up”

  1. It has been a painfully long winter here in MI, no doubt! This class was *exactly* what I needed to kick (no pun intended) the winter blues and focus on other goals. Thank you for facilitating it, Lisa. It’s always a blast to “try something new” 😉

    1. Hey Stacy, it was great seeing you! It’s cool that you brought your sister along. I needed it too… Doing “something new” is my business, literally and figuratively!

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