It’s a Wrap!

Is it just me or did January 2021 just fly by?

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It was packed with activity! A lot has changed and new experiences were embraced or at least had, by many of us. Although it’s winter in the western hemisphere and we’re still being Covid-19 conscious, it’s important to do a self check, that includes time for self-care and stress relief. One friend reminded me of the benefit of starting a 15 minute timer to “get things done” when you don’t feel like it. Getting things in order helps you get or keep clarity. Seeing things clearly will help you take your next best steps.

What new things did you do this month?

sunset on Belle Isle snow scene at a park Walking outside in nature is stress relief. Making time for a breath of fresh air and being nurtured by nature is therapeutic. The view changes by the minute, making the experience “new” each time you step outside. This was a priority!

round charcuterie board Two heart shapes macaroons I made my first charcuterie board on New Year’s Eve and enjoyed it so much, I continued making them throughout the month. It’s easier to snack on vegetables when they’re displayed on a board, so it helps me eat better. Since balance is key, I also made time for heart-shaped macaroons. They were new to me and delicious!

Did you create anything new “in the kitchen”?

Joe Biden after being sworn in as the 46th U.S. PresidentKamala Harris being sworn in as Vice President Amanda Gorman - poet at the presidential inauguration

The middle of the month gave us another batch of newness. The United States swore in Joseph Biden as our 46th President, Kamala Harris as our first female Vice-President, and the youngest poet to grace the stage at an inauguration, Amanda Gorman.

hope you brought chocolates doormat

I found a new doormat, it’s perfect for a chocolate lover! I’m the one who often brings the chocolate, especially since I started making hot cocoa bombs.

Book cover- Do Something New 7 Steps to Recharting Your Path & Creating a Life You Love

Last but not least, I’ve been writing more! I have a book to share and can’t wait until it’s published this year! My outline is done, the bulk of my writing is complete. I’m simply adding a few details before I forward the draft to my editor! One of the things I know for sure, is that doing something new regularly can change the way you see and experience life. It transforms ordinary days, to extraordinary moments. You also have the opportunity to unwrap bliss in your life. Below is a pic of my notes, draft, and book blueprint. If you’re excited and ready to change for the better, join my VIP List and be the first to know when “Do Something New” is released this year it comes with Book Release Day Perks and behind the scenes news,┬ádon’t miss out!

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