May Days!

We’re 5 months in to 2018! That translates into about 224 days to go, as of today!

A lot has happened this year! Some experiences were expected… Winter has transitioned into spring. Finally!

There has been a significant amount of rain, which results in lush greenery covering the landscape. Leaves are filling in tree branches and flowers are in bloom!  Spring is full of hope. 

What’s new with you this month? Feel free to share any notable news in the comment section below.


Personally speaking, this has been a season of healing. After dealing with a health-related challenge that started in March, I am grateful that my days are much more balanced! I feel more like myself and am beginning to resume a schedule that’s close to normal. In fact, I have found a new normal for my days.


A quote in memory of American poet, Maya Angelou states

“You can encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.”


After spending many days, that turned into weeks- recuperating. I’m clearly aware of the gift of good health. 

What’s new for me is that:

  1. There are fewer than 6 months before my 50th birthday. This brings me closer to completing my “50 New Experiences Before Turning 50 Challenge.”
  2. I am focused on sticking with my BLISS. Those people, places, and things that bring me the most joy and inspiration are helping guide my goals.
  3. May is National Photograph Month, (along with a number of other National Monthly Observances ) so I’m ready whenever the moment strikes to capture great images using one of my cameras! I love photography! It’s a hobby and a passion for me.

What do you love to do?

My charge to you is to make the time to do it. Add it to your calendar, planner, or reminders. Find an accountability partner or a comrade that enjoys partaking in one of your favorite hobbies.

Life should be an adventure! Let’s fill it with bliss!

Until next time,