Renew, Revive, Reset – March

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March signals renewal and a revival of life. Spring begins and for those of us in the Midwest, the hope of warmer weather and more hours of daylight become reality in graduated moments.

Lily of the valley was a favorite perennial that my Mom planted when I was a young girl. Those delicate white bell-like petals accompanied by thick, lush green leaves were a welcome path on the side of our home. Crocus, daffodils, tulips, and lily of the valley will begin to break through what had been frozen ground.

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Can you think of any frozen ground moments in your life? These are times when you need a breakthrough, a change from the cold hard realities that show up, oftentimes unannounced. Sometimes this kind of news will stop you in your path, or cause you to pause.

This is where you get to decide. “How will I move forth?”

The key in these moments is that you make a decision to move forward. Seasons come and go and we keep moving or being. Whether the season produces more hours of darkness or light, we keep breathing. We hope, plan, and love until the conditions we love arise. Notice, then bask in it because as sure as that time presents itself, there will be a wave or winds of change.

The waves, the wind, the light, and the darkness all work together to produce the fabric of our lives. It is our covering, a multi-colored quilt that tells our story. A layered, unfolding remnant that is becoming a beautiful piece. The threads become stronger at some points, weak in others. Yet, it is our garment to wear and bear. Do it proudly, in every season. You are not alone.

If you’re ready for new ways to celebrate the season or plan for your best spring yet, I am available for consultations! What are your spring goals? I have a workshop forthcoming in April to address them. Each participant will receive a deck of “Something New” Self-Care Cards to keep the momentum going. More details will be shared, soon…

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