Risky Business

Taking Risks

We’ve all done it. Made decisions that had the potential to make or break us. This isn’t always easy, it depends. We all have different temperaments and attitudes about change. By that same token you’re still breathing, so you know “it” didn’t take you out. How did it feel to peer over the edge of chance? Did you hang out there or quickly take a step back?

Dicey decisions may be best for daredevils, but

Calculated risks can be designed for us all. We simply have to weigh our options and create a plan. Would you be willing to risk exploring the unknown vs. feeling trapped in the same position for an undetermined amount of time. What kind of future do you want? If you’re unsure about doing something new, you may find greater safety within a community of people who are also willing to dip their toe into a tub and test the water.

What are Your Interests?

There are countless endeavors to pursue. If you’re considering wellness, adding walking or running to your daily routine may help. Decide to start or join a band of walkers and/or runners. If you plan to write a book in this lifetime, join a writing group and begin. Would you like to learn more about starting a small business? Listen to an expert share her expertise about loans and grants for small businesses.  Brainstorm a list of your interests and get started!

Community is Key! 

Photo courtesy of William White

What’s at risk if you don’t move forward?

Your dreams… Your unanswered questions… Your goals… & the opportunity for Living out Loud! or simply leaving boredom behind.

You have 24 hours to make the most of this day. 1 hour = 4% of your day. All you need is 1 hour at a time to make your life fulfilling, memorable, and cumulatively satisfying. You are worth it!

Grant yourself time to enjoy your moments here! You know what they say about tomorrow. In the words of E. Tolle, “The only moment we ever really have is this one.” Make the most of it, always.

Until next time,