Savory Sweet September

What’s Your Why?

We have different reasons for doing something new. Some of my clients say:

  • I want to get unstuck. I feel like I live on a hamster wheel.
  • I was tired of being bored.
  • I’m not a robot.

In September and this summer, actually… I was looking for a way to give my current and future clients something to look forward to. I’m writing a new book titled, Do Something New – 7 Steps to Recharting Your Path & Creating a Life You Love it will be released in 2020. “Life happens” and I had to adjust my timeline for this project. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has changed plans or a deadline this year.

Book cover- Do Something New 7 Steps to Recharting Your Path & Creating a Life You Love

In truth, we all have plans. When we realize they haven’t changed enough and we’ve gotten stuck in a boring routine, we seek new outlets. Even if it’s only in our head, pushing past thoughts of being too old, already established, lazy, or knowing it all  is grounds for a T.A.L.K. about change. The reason being, is we are not

  1. Too old
  2. Already established
  3. Lazy or a
  4. Know it all

1. No matter how old we are, there’s something new to learn. 2. Even if we feel established, the world around us is constantly evolving, so unless we are to- we’re being left behind. 3. Feeling lazy may be a sign of lacking the drive to work. Often, that is an effect of not participating in activities aligned with our purpose. We may not feel like completing tasks that aren’t personally meaningful. 4. No matter how much you know, you can always go deeper or wider on the subject. Besides, your brain thrives on building new neural pathways and this requires change.

Doing something new comes with rewards!

When I was a child, we’d have oatmeal for breakfast all the time. In the beginning that was fine. Then I’d ask, “Are we having that again?” which led to, “Can we have something different?”

Whether it’s oatmeal, eggs, or apples- eventually we seek another version of what we’ve been eating. When prepared with care, oatmeal is good for you. Your body needs fiber. Eggs provide protein and as they say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” well maybe. These foods provide you with benefits and many foods are fine, in moderation.

My Mom was open to changing. She gave us oatmeal with apples & cinnamon, maple and brown sugar, and a variety of other flavors. Sometimes we’d have boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, and a wide variety of omelets became an option. Apples come in more varieties than I remember as a kid. Not only that, but they can be prepared in a variety of ways. In other words…

Break up with monotony

I show my clients how to break up with monotony so that, they remember:

  1. You’re never too old to change.
  2. Regular growth is required to keep your brain flexible and creating new neural pathways.
  3. Variety really is the spice of life and a means to stress relief.
  4. There is more for you to enjoy & experience… My Something New Blueprint is engineered so that you’ll always have something to look forward to, even on a Monday.

Now for something sweet…

I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen lately and according to the conversations I’ve had, I’m not alone. Part of it is because we spend more time at home than usual, partially due to Covid 19. The other part is, we have to eat.

As stated above, I don’t like eating the same thing all the time. Recreating new dishes and desserts became an outlet for my creativity. I looked in the cabinet and decided to use some of the things I already had. When looking for a single serving size of something sweet (because I like sweets), it made sense to make s’mores. Rather than start a fire outside, I used my air fryer. This dessert went from being good to GREAT. When I used an air fryer, it toasted all the ingredients and it tastes better. In fact, I started adding s’mores to other foods, including popcorn. Take a look…

s'mores preparations/mores cooked in the air fryers'mores done and ready to eatcorn being popped on the stovepopcorn freshly poppeds'mores chopped ups/mores popcorn

How is that for recreating a dessert?

What do you do to change things up?

Comment below to share your feedback, takeaways, or impressions. Until next time… Go do something new!

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