Something New – March into Spring!

It’s Day 59/ 365

Spring begins in 19 days. We’re three months into 2018 and time seems to be flying!

 While looking for new experiences packed with discovery and opportunity, a little research revealed it’s:

  • National Caffeine Awareness Month
  • National Nutrition Month
  • Women’s History Month

Of course there’s more and as the month continues I’ll address a few others, but for now…

Caffeine Awareness Month – If you consume coffee, soft drinks, tea, and chocolate- chances are you’re getting a regular caffeine fix! When consumed in moderation, there isn’t much concern for the average “Joe”, pun intended. Which is your favorite, if any?

National Nutrition Month – The saying, “You are what you eat,” comes to mind. It’s crucial to consume foods and beverages with a high nutritional value. Live foods or produce go a long way for creating and maintaining high energy. Are you on the go? Plan to stay energized with healthy food.

Women’s History Month – Have you noticed that in recent history, more women than ever are running for political office? According to a record number of women from varying cultures are running for office. This is one of many ways women make history. How do the women you know leave their mark on the world? If you’re a woman, what are you doing to make history? It’s personal and it’s important!

When possible, find a way to celebrate the days you observe! Add joy to your moments.

Finally, join me for a workshop on March 25th if you’re in the Metro Detroit Area!

Something New – From Mundane to Magnificent – Wake up excited about life! We’ll use research-based practices to become more productive, less-stressed, and utilize tools to create extraordinary days.

If you have questions or comments, add them below. Thanks!

Until next time,