Challenge Complete, Well Almost! Recognizing Life’s Rewards

Note to self, when it comes to fitness…

  1. Set a goal
  2. Set aside time each day to work on it, no matter what
  3. Slay the goal

It started on Thanksgiving Day. The Runner’s World #RWRunStreak 2017 fall edition Challenge- Run at least 1 mile a day, everyday from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.

Fitness engagement is a must for me. I have discovered this since turning 40, several years ago

that my metabolism doesn’t work like it used to. I gain weight faster than I lose it. Sometimes I gain weight from looking at food, I think. Maybe not- but it sure does feel that way. According to the label on my jeans they were pre-shrunk, so it isn’t the dryer that makes them fit tighter.

This is why I joined a running group and have been running ever since. I run for my life. In spring, I do my best to avoid melting snow on the pavement. In summer, I run as early as 5 a.m. to avoid the heat and humidity that are a part of the season. In fall, I relish the colors of changing leaves that float to the ground I pound. Winter air is crisp and fresh. As long as I can find a path free of snow and ice, you may find me hitting a quick mile or more. These goals are accomplished, step by step…

One of my running sister’s posted the Runner’s World Challenge in my Running Group and it stirred a lot of interest and much conversation. Several group members organized group runs and once it started, images with mileage were shared, daily. This event gained momentum quickly, inspiring us all.

Note to self, because of my fitness investment… I commit to

  1. 40 days of cardio– minimum 1 mile a day. On Thanksgiving afternoon (my) Day 1, I completed 1 mile around a local high school track.
  2. Days 2-40 meant waking up, looking at my planner, and figuring out when I would get my goal accomplished.
  3. On New Year’s Day 2018, I completed the 40 Days of Awesome Challenge at the gym.

Be dedicated… be committed… and own your goals. They are a reward you give yourself! Here a a few images from my journey…

When you can see the finish line…

While at lunch with my brother a few days before the end of December, he jokingly suggested that I continue my goal beyond the 40 days. I immediately brushed him off, noting I have more to do. As a new entrepreneur, I need to set other priorities. This goal helped me realize the importance of and my ability to attend to a task, without wavering- daily.

It’s the second day of January and without hesitating, I completed a mile. Let’s see how long this continues.

How will you challenge yourself in the coming days? Do you have someone who’s willing to take on a goal with you? Sometimes, having a community helps! Add a comment below or email me at

Until next time,

50 Before 50 Challenge – another new experience, complete!