Position, Pose, and Protein – Lifting and the Badass Ladies Supper Club

What happens when you have multiple things to check off your “To Do: list” and have limited time? You know the saying, “Kill two birds with one stone…” Well, last summer, I heard entrepreneur Niles Heron say, “You can feed two birds with one hand.” and it stuck.

I’m a provider, so feeding birds -especially two or more resonates with me. Maybe it does with you, too.

I run a service business, and walking with my clientele to unchartered waters in their lives is a goal. Exploring and making daily decisions that lead to a treasured life is ideal. Sometimes the treasures are hidden, buried in childhood memories. How many times were we asked, What do you want to be when you grow up?

Other times, we witness or hear about an adventure or opportunity that makes us light up inside. Either way, exploring your possibilities is what Something New is all about.

One of the things I want to be is strong! My own brand of Wonder Woman, you know. Able to protect and defend myself if necessary… and internally strong. Strength starts with a decision and ideal mindset, right?

That’s where…

Women and Weight Lifting fit in.  

I have recently become a SheHive Keyholder and new organizer for the Badass Ladies Supper Club. My first planned event was a Women and Weightlifting meet up.

Kristin Kuykendall is the owner of Well Hello Fitness, personal coach, and 2017 Ultimate Fitness Events Physique World Champion.

She reminded us that weightlifting speeds up your metabolism, increases your bone density, and makes you look and feel better overall. Her Mom was also a participant and informed us that since she’s started lifting, her osteoporosis has reversed itself. Now that’s Good News! So, class was in session and…


  1. Learning proper positioning
  2. Going through a lower and upper body workout
  3. Practicing poses for competition and
  4. Enjoying the process, there were lots of laughs and plenty of inspiration. Kristin prepared protein smoothies for us.



We left fulfilled. Those who attended were able to check another item off their Bucket List!

When is the last time you did something for the 1st time?!

(This is experience 2/50 for my “50 Before 50 Challenge.”)

Join us on the journey and do something new!

Until next time,





2 thoughts on “Position, Pose, and Protein – Lifting and the Badass Ladies Supper Club”

  1. Lisa, thanks to you and the SheHive for making this event possible! Never would have thought to explore the world of women’s body building on my own ~ it was such a positive experience to be surrounded and encouraged by other strong women in this environment . You are an inspiration, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what else you accomplish along your way to 50!!

    1. Thanks so much, Stacy! What a wonderful opportunity this is. It works best in the company of like-minded friends on the journey. We are stronger together!

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