Moving Beyond Fear

After lunch, there was usually a recess period when I was in elementary school. As long as the weather was cooperative, we were let loose on the playground before resuming classes for the afternoon.

There was a day when I felt a sudden piercing pain without explanation. It hurt enough to cry! A bee stinger was inserted in my finger, resembling a thorn with a small bulb. One of my friends came over and removed it. I was ushered inside to the office. The secretary claimed she couldn’t call my mother at work, because it wasn’t a local number. Mind you, it was the 1970’s so there was a cost that came with dialing outside a local area code. Nevertheless, I sat there in pain and tears. Someone made a paste with baking soda and put it on my finger. The pain lasted for hours. I never understood why neither of my parents could be called. That was the end of my trust in the office personnel.

After that incident, I wanted nothing to do with bumble bees. Absolutely. NOTHING.

They became a source of potential pain on sight. That summer and the seasons that followed were worrisome. I’d run and scream when a bee was in sight… even when it wasn’t ideal.

As decades rolled by, I came to accept that they were necessary pollinators.  I was fine as long as it happened somewhere out of my view. Then one day, I began teaching about them. My students maintain a curiosity that holds my attention for teaching. Now that I also teach adults, I find my path widening and growing toward something new.

Welcome Adventure!

One of my Meet Up groups posted an event located at a bee farm. It caught my eye. I read further, clicked on the “Will Attend” button, and added it to my planner. When the day came, I showered and moisturized using unscented products, and dressed in light layers as instructed. I almost pulled off, but realized I’d forgotten my long boots. This is the type of “goal” that I don’t share with friends and family until it’s done.

“Don’t do that!”

“Are you sure you want to ____?”

“What if…”

I do my homework. I love to explore. Adventure is my middle name. One of my guiding questions is, “Does this bridge lifelong learning, adventure, and stress relief?” Subsequently I ask, “What is my gut telling me?”

My 2019 Mantra is: If it doesn’t flow, the answer is no.

So this excursion actually passed the test. As I drove toward the farm, which I had never noticed and would have missed without directions, I knew I could change my mind if needed. I was greeted by an Outdoor Afro leader and met with other participants.

Antonio Cosme is one of the owners of Southwest Beetroit. His entrance was welcoming, jovial, and informative. I loved this expetrience that happened among strangers who may easily grow into friends. Being among a community of people who share a common cause is a grand experience.

I suited up and walked up to an area with six hives. There was a talk, and systems were in place before that occured. I even held a tray that was coverd with bees. It was the one with the smallest number I saw, but I did it! Afterward, there was fellowship, a wine tasting, a honey tasting, food, fruit, cool drinks, a bonfire, and creative conversations. Our group blended cultures, generations, and purpose.

What’s next?

This #bucketlist adventure is part of my newest goal challenge. Last year I completed a “50 Before 50” list! How does that sound? As long as I’m breathing, there’s a challenge and it keeps my days full! Join me! I’m teaching a class at the The SheHive next month and will help you develop a personalized milestone goal list! Being in a group will help you generate ideas you haven’t considered yet! Dare to move forward boldly, on purpose! Click on the link to register. It works for any milestone age. Join Us at 50 Before 50: Let’s Rock This Life List! I’ll see you at the workshop on August 10th!

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