Swing Into Summer

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Imagine being given the opportunity to do what you love, year round…

I am an English Language Arts teacher from September through June. Like many educators, I look forward to summer break. It gives me the chance to pause, reflect on my practice, research, and plan for the next school year. I also plan and teach classes and workshops for adults. I love this too! In fact, once I retire from my day job, I will be doing more of the latter.

This summer, I taught Swing Into Summer: Self Care and Adventure at the SheHive. I was able to personalize the experience for a group of four women who came to create self-care and adventure goals for themselves. I used research-based materials and information I’ve gathered from Harvard Business Review. The class was a hit! Smiles, laughing, and collaboration among participants is always a key indicator for me. I also read the reviews from the survey that was distributed afterward.

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Image by Martina Rehm

One participant captured this image and tagged me in it on social media. She shared, “Saturday afternoon at The SheHive. What a great class with Lisa Lipscomb where we talked about Self Care and Adventures. I loved this class.” She signed up for my Spring Into Self Care workshop and came back for the summer edition! If you would benefit from a reminder to relax, relate, and release, you might be interested in my newest design of self care cards.

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Self Care Card Deck

Are you ready to hit the jackpot? I launched my inaugural deck of self care cards during my spring self care workshop session. It contains enough cards for 17 weeks of adventure, lifelong learning, and stress relief/self-care activities. You choose and complete 1 card, weekly. The feedback was great! Now it makes sense to move forward with creating a larger deck. I know it’s successful when I hear, “I use those cards, the ideas are easy to implement.” Measurable change enhances each of our lives. This deck is available for purchase now. They also make a great gift!

Speaking of measuring, I cut my hair this summer! After 12+ years of wearing dreadlocks, I now have a short style. I feel free and am being told that’s how I’m carrying myself. Next, I may add color! What do you think? Cheers to measurable change and a summer of self care. Keep life in balance and always do something new!

Don’t miss my next workshop in August! 50 Before 50… 40 Before 40… 30 Before 30 Let’s Rock This Life List!

What’s Your Plan?

Do you have at least one summer goal in mind? I’d love to hear more about it! Share it in the comments below. We cheer each other on here!

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