50 Before 50 Challenge – 1 Down, 49 to Go! December

Happy December!

Are you counting down to the end of the year? What are your reflections about 2017? Are you looking forward to 2018? What’s on the horizon for you and your loved ones?

“50 Before 50 Challenge”

It is my goal to get back into tip top shape, so I went to my first Pure Barre class. One favorite childhood memory was to learn ballet and since it didn’t happen then, I found it in the form of a cardio and strength training form. This is my adulting version! The poses happen, quickly. The music playing is current, upbeat, and fast enough for you to get lost in it. I love getting so lost in music that I forget I’m working out. Even if it’s only momentarily.

The staff at Pure Barre is great, the facility is clean and vibrant, and the customer service is excellent! At least they are at my studio. Yes, after a week I’m claiming it as my studio. It also helps that after having a few quick conversations with other clientele that they return because they see RESULTS!

That’s my goal too, lasting results!

It can be tough though. Repeated movements, small movements (an inch at a time) will burn your muscles out! But, it’s fun and you feel it working. I love a good challenge and hope you do too. Remember, doing Something New is a boredom buster! It can also lead to better health when you choose the right activity.

What’s your idea of a good challenge? Pick a December goal and challenge yourself. Grab a friend and be accountable!  Write it down, share it in the comments, and let’s get busy making our dreams come true!

By the way, I’m planning a Barre event for our Something New Community in January, come join us on the journey. The more, the merrier!

Let’s make life an adventure,