Memories and Magic – Childhood Dreams

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Childhood Dreams and Dance

When I was a child, I had a small white jewelry box with a spinning ballerina on the inside. I could turn the brass colored crank on the outside and when I opened the box, it played music. Once the music stopped, I could turn the crank and once again, the small cream figure wearing a pink tutu would spin around, again and again.

I remember asking my parents if I could take ballet lessons. I wasn’t able to for a number of reasons, but I never forgot about my interest.

We had a ton of books at home. They were a refuge from boredom for my brother and I. I once found images of ballet poses and feet positions in one of our books. They may have been in our Childcraft set, or encyclopedias, I don’t remember which. I do remember being able to practice poses that otherwise weren’t accessible, so I did what I could.

This month, guest teachers from the American Ballet Theatre flew in from New York and worked with the 5th – 8th graders at my school for 4 days. There were two days set aside for dancing. The other two were dedicated to set design. At the end of those 4 days, our students performed four dances from William Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet. 

Some of my students were nervous, others were completely ready for the experience! My words to them- When I was a child, I wanted to take lessons, but my family didn’t or couldn’t pay for them. This is a chance for you to learn at no cost. Someone else is paying for it. At the very least, you should be willing to try it. You’ll learn if it may be something you like… or something you’ll choose to avoid. Always be willing to try something new.

It was a wonderful opportunity that made me remember a childhood dream. I wanted to ask if I could join the girls on stage during rehearsal, but didn’t feel it was the right time or place. There was limited time, and the lessons were for our students. They were altogether graceful and flowed with their teacher, Karen Lacy.

“Who’s the tallest person in the room? Your answer should be, I am. It doesn’t matter how tall you are, it matters how tall you dance.” -Karen Lacy





I sat with my student teacher during the rehearsals. When we spoke about how natural and remarkably good the girls were, she mentioned taking Pure Barre classes and enjoying them. What a great idea, I thought. There was a way for me to make a childhood dream come true and exercise, simultaneously. After making my way home at the end of the day, I did an internet search for 1) a Groupon and 2) my nearest studio location. There wasn’t a Groupon for the studio nearest me, but I did learn I could sign up for free classes for one week. I registered, then signed up! My first class is tomorrow. I’m excited and can’t wait to share my experience soon!

Hold on to your dreams & bring them to life!

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